A downloadable game for Windows

Your dreams have come true, before you lies the infinite pizza in all its glory.

Equipped with your Pizza Cutter Wheel and the Tomato Sauce Maker you set out onto the impossible journey towards the center of the Infinite Pizza.

Can you survive its cheesy surface or will you become one with the cheese?
How big will your slice be?
Was there ever anything else than pizza?


A game by David Hagemann


InfinitePizza.zip 472 MB


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this game trippy as fuck

thanks for the fun experience. I will be sure to send this to my stoner friends to play while they are under the influence.

Gettin high on tomato sauce, thank you for the experience !



Very crazy game my dude, how did you even manage to make this? I played a bit of this for a series I made on Youtube if you're interested in watching.

feels like I'm on acid

this shit trippy as fuck wtf


i found a glitch that seems to happen to me on 90k+ runs. cans/tomatoes start to flicker in and out. i have evidence as this run ends because of it.

love the game still immensely obviously. i was wondering if this was maybe intended to make it harder? just wanting to make sure. 

THE P I Z Z A  V O I D!!!


ok i'm triping

I really wanna know the tech behind this game. How are you able to pull something like this off? It's crazy!

Cool Game!


ok i love this so much




Loved the idea! It kind of freaks out my eyes but it's a very cool concept!!



So I Too Journeyed The Journey. Was It Magical, you bet. Also, my channel is Pizza Time! Gaming. Pie Five!!! 


Had a blast with this! 



but why?


Great game and I haven't gotten nearly as far as some of these Disciples of Cheese but I've prophesied that we've been lied to by our Pizza God! There is no center. 

Pizza is all there is. Pizza is all there will ever be. Let's not startle the simpler people with fantastical notions of pizza centers when there is no such center. There can never be such a center. 



The pizza CANNOT be infinite, we must find the center.

Very fun game 10/10 :)


So fun

Oh. My. God. This was one of the stupidest, but most well-made, brilliant games I've ever played. I made a li'l gameplay video! What a piece lol. One hell of a way to start my new year!

Thank you for this.


This game was amazing. I’m going to get my friend to play it as well. It’s been a while since I played a game that tested me visually in this way. 


i really like this game. i have played it for quite a bit. this is my highest record so far and therefore i want to see if its the highest record ever. please anyone reply if they beat it. 


pizza time

Pizza Time Indeed


I hate how this game makes my brain feel

plz add VR support


Great game I love falling down this pizza hell but I wish there was a ost download so I can have this hellish feeling cutting a normal pizza.

Freaking loved it, even the tension and difficult. But can you introduce auto-play mode into game, I think it will benefit greatly from it.

A dream come true indeed

Small bug: This likes to launch as a VR game in oculus, totally black screen in the headset but still funny. Not sure why it does this. Would like a fix though as it is kind of annoying to have oculus software launch every time the game does.


Most cyberpunk game of 2020.

There is only pizza

I would change 3 things, the tomato splash causes severe lag (like half a second of lags), so an option to disable the splashes would be great, the second thing is a button to speed up the panning up after dying, the third is that sometimes in a circle with two openings, one of them leads to a wall only.

But apart from that, GREAT

Where am I?


Pizza Hell

Pineapple pizza


Great game! So fun! 

This was excellent, the slow pan (pizza) up after you die was a great idea.

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