A downloadable game for Windows

Your dreams have come true, before you lies the infinite pizza in all its glory.

Equipped with your Pizza Cutter Wheel and the Tomato Sauce Maker you set out onto the impossible journey towards the center of the Infinite Pizza.

Can you survive its cheesy surface or will you become one with the cheese?
How big will your slice be?
Was there ever anything else than pizza?


A game by David Hagemann
More games: https://tocogames.itch.io/


InfinitePizza.zip 472 MB


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the fuck is this


Estaría bueno que lo agreguen a steam



wont fucking work



it would be great if you would do it for mac os as well ^.^


This game is pretty neat, I like the concept of running towards the center of an infinite pizza. This game is also pretty disturbing because of the sound and the textures, which excites me because I love disturbing games. Easy to play overall, but not easy to master.


A super greasy game! 


How do you play this game it wouldn't let me play


extract the files in the folder "InfinitePizza" to well... InfinitePizza.


how do you play it bcs when i download it idk where to find it lol?


how do i play this game 


This have a soundtrack? I feel it'd feed my itallian nightmares, which I'm all for


What the fuck were you thinking?

I love it, not very good combination with acrophobia 

Me Indonesian Youtuber Love this game! My brain hurt

This game make me go to hospital. Best game eve 99999999999/10

(Ps:just kiding this game is a bit confuse


best game

I have the new official world record on infinite pizza


best game 20/10

Hey bro can you add a optionz because my pc are too slow and i awnwt make it lower lag



how do I play on iPhone I need help


you cant

you can't sadly


it doesnt work anyone help


how do i play this

i love this game but there is 3 things i need to say

1. this game would be so much better with some sort of leaderboard

2. it launches steamvr when opened

3. browser support would be great, and believe me when i say so many people on chromebooks (like in school) would play this

please make this available for chromebooks lol


think i got the world record lol

Wonderfully imaginative and executed brilliantly! 

Compliments to the chef!




bro my laptops too slow haha but nice game

love the game


can you make this available on Mac?




playing the game since 3 days and think i made the world record
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anyone like summrs here

me twin 


When you think about this game is incredibly sad. The character you are controlling is stuck in an infinite loop of falling down an infinite pizza with no escape (or at least none I've found) they can never leave and every time they die they just respawn to do it all again. #SAVEINFINITEPIZZAPERSON


It keeps asking me to buy express zip plus to play can somebody pls help?


anyone know the music used in the game?

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Bro this game is fun


the pizza is calling

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GUYS how you play, FIRST you HAVE to have Windows, so of course download it, go to where it downloaded (most likely your Downloads folder). Right click then click, “Extract All…”, which is built into Windows no other programs needed. Then a window will show up, at the bottom click “Extract”, then it should open the folder up then you click the InfinitePizza with a U symbol (if i shows a folder just open that folder then click the U symbol InfinitePizza). Except if it did NOT open a window after extracting, in the same place you have the .zip, open the folder named “InfinitePizza” (you might have to do it twice) and click InfinitePizza with the U symbol then you should be able to play! Have fun!


I like how you had to comment a tutorial that most window users already know because so many people playing this game know about it solely from tiktok


i just saw a ton of people saying "how do i unzip" so i thought to comment about it


Thanks Bro

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