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Meatball VS Gymzilla 1.0 is here!

Thanks to a breakthrough in applied biological science this meatball can grow 9000 times its average size.

But the scientists did not stop there. With the right ingredients the meatball can rapidly grow various highly useful mutations.

The meaty stucture of this marvelous spherical life form is still fragile and must be kept alive at all cost since it is not only a giant leap for science but also a symbol of hope for the whole of humankind.


Eat various vehicles for mutations, ressources or armor but you can always only grab one. Keep your meatball in good shape and make tactical decisions to bring down Gymzilla. Click on your grown mutations to activate them, their actions are as follows:

Available Mutations:
- Laser Eye: Does constant slight damage
- Brain: Shuffle Trucks
- Mouth: Vomit Attack that does stack able poison damage that can penetrate armor
- Arm: Slap for damage
- Abcess: Grow it big then pop it for massive damage
- Atomic Power Ball: Generates extra power needed for actions (also eat trucks for power)
- Atomic Healh Ball: Generates Health (keep your meatball alive)


David Hagemann (3D Art, Animation, Programming)
Simon Hagemann (Programming, Tech Art)
Otto Kopp (Programming, 3D Art)
Jan Carlos Zemelka (3D Art, Sounds)
Music Track: Benjamin Tissot


MeatballVSGymzilla-New.zip 348 MB

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For some reason, Gymzilla doesn't attack or level up. He gets beaten at level one and then it's over.

Yea, it was a bug. Its now fixed in the new build. Thx for the report!

You're welcome!